Let’s Learn Something New

Can you learn a new skill in a week… every week?

Can you learn a new skill in one week? That’s what we’re trying to find out. There may be a few tiny disasters along the way, but as long as we know more than we did before we started we can call any time spent learning as time well spent.

Each week you can expect a new skill to focus on learning, plus a few mini challenges and attempts at trying new things along the way.


About aTinyDisaster

Meet Kellie Sheridan

Kellie lives in Ontario, Canada with a whole lot of family. Thanks to the magic of the pandemic and the housing market, the whole gang is back together and it’s very much a full house, introducing a whole lot of chaos along with new opportunities for adventure. Six adults, two kids, three dogs… what could possibly go wrong?

After coming off a decade in the world of books and publishing, Kellie currently works in video game marketing while also spending time learning as much as she can.